Looking to upgrade your home heating system this holiday season? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce our exciting holiday promotion where you have the chance to win a free heat pump system. The heat pump and the installation process are valued at over $10,000. Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to a comfortable and eco-friendly home. Find out how you can enter and start saving this holiday season.  

How To Win A Free Heat Pump

Entering the giveaway is simple. Just fill out the form below before January 31st, 2024 and you’ll be one step closer to winning. Every week, we will select one lucky winner to receive a free heat pump and installation. Imagine enjoying a warm and cozy home without spending a dime.  

Heat Pump Rebate

If you win the free heat pump, you will be eligible for substantial government rebates. You can take advantage of government rebates and save up to $7100 on your heat pump system. Upgrade to an eco-friendly and efficient heating solution and get rewarded for your commitment to sustainability. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to save while enjoying the comfort and savings of a heat pump. Contact us today to learn more about these incredible rebates.

Installing Your New Heat Pump

Repairman Installing the Free Heat Pump

Once a winner is selected, we will contact them to determine the best heat pump for their home. Our professionals will handle the installation process, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality. From fixing ductwork to electrical components, we’ll take care of everything so you can start experiencing the benefits right away.  

Understanding Heat Pumps: FAQs

Curious about how heat pumps work? Wondering about energy savings and efficiency? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:  

How does a heat pump provide both heating and cooling in a single system?  

A heat pump transfers heat rather than generating it. It extracts heat from outdoor air during winter to provide heating and can also cool your home during the summer months.  

What makes heat pumps more energy efficient compared to traditional HVAC systems?  

Heat pumps consume less electricity as they move existing heat rather than generating it through combustion. Their ability to provide both heating and cooling increases their efficiency.  

How do the upfront costs of installing a heat pump system compare to other HVAC systems?  

In general, the upfront costs for heat pump systems are competitive with traditional HVAC systems. Factors like system type, size, and installation requirements can influence the total cost.  

How much can I save on my energy bills by switching to a heat pump system?  

Energy bill savings depend on factors such as local climate, energy prices, and system efficiency. On average, users can expect significant savings compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.  

Are heat pumps effective in extreme climates?  

Heat pumps are effective in a wide range of climates. In extremely cold climates, supplemental heating may be required, while in hot climates, they efficiently provide cooling.  

Are there any rebates or incentives available for installing a heat pump system?  

The Canadian government offers various rebates, tax credits, and incentives depending on your location and the type of system installed. Contact an expert energy advisor at Provincial Smart Home Services and learn more about energy rebates that you are eligible for.   

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Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to win a free heat pump system and transform your home into an efficient and comfortable environment. Enter our giveaway before January 31st, 2024 for a chance to be one of our lucky winners. Say goodbye to high energy bills and enjoy a warm, eco-friendly home this holiday season. Contact us for more information and start saving today! 

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