The Canada Greener Homes Grant is a federal initiative designed to support homeowners in making their homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. This grant provides financial incentives to cover a range of retrofit improvements that can help reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Retrofits include heat pumps, solar panels, home insulation, and more. 

In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what the Canada Greener Homes Grant covers, empowering you to make informed decisions about improving your home’s energy efficiency.  

Insulation Upgrades

Insulation for the Canada Greener Homes Grant

One of the primary areas covered by the Canada Greener Homes Grant is insulation upgrades. This includes insulation for attics, walls, basements, and crawlspaces. By improving the insulation in your home, you can prevent heat loss during winter and minimize heat gain in summer, leading to increased comfort and reduced energy consumption.  

Insulation’s ability to resist heat flow is measured using two values: R-value and RSI value. R-value is the measurement used in the imperial system, while Résistance Système International (RSI) value is the metric measurement. The higher the resistance value, the slower the heat transfers through the insulation material.  

Air Sealing

Air sealing is another aspect covered by the grant. Air leaks in a home can contribute to significant energy loss and drafts. Making improvements to reduce the draftiness of your home is the single most important retrofit you can make to improve energy efficiency and it should be considered first in any retrofit strategy.   

The Canada Greener Homes Grant can help cover costs associated with air sealing measures such as sealing gaps around doors and windows, installing weatherstripping, and adding insulation around electrical outlets and switches.  

Heating System Upgrades

The grant also covers heating system upgrades, which can have a substantial impact on energy efficiency and home comfort. Homeowners can use the grant to install or upgrade to energy-efficient heating systems, such as heat pumps, biomass stoves, or solar thermal systems.   

Heat pumps have gained popularity due to their ability to provide both heating and cooling. A heat pump is a device that is using the energy in the environment, such as air or ground, and transfers it to the indoors to be used for heating or cooling purposes.   

Thermal energy naturally flows from places with higher temperatures to locations with lower temperatures. A heat pump uses additional electrical energy to counter the natural flow of heat and pump the energy available in a colder place to a warmer one. Since a heat pump transfers thermal energy it offers higher energy efficiency, potentially saving on energy costs and your carbon footprint.    

Solar Panels And Renewable Energy Systems

Solar Panel Installation for Canada Greener Homes Grant

Homeowners interested in generating renewable energy can use the Canada Greener Homes Grant to help cover the costs of solar panel installations or solar thermal systems. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, allowing homeowners to reduce their reliance on grid power and potentially generate excess electricity to sell back to the grid. Solar thermal systems use solar energy to heat water for household needs, further reducing energy consumption.  

Windows And Doors

You have several options to enhance the energy efficiency of your windows and doors. One effective approach is to replace both the windows and frames with new, high-performance Energy Star certified windows. This simple upgrade not only increases comfort in your home but also saves energy and contributes to the fight against climate change.  


The Canada Greener Home Grants also covers smart or programmable thermostats to help improve your comfort, help you save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing a smart or programmable thermostat allows you to schedule temperatures to automatically adjust to energy-saving time frames. To be eligible for the grant smart thermostats Must be combined with an energy efficiency retrofit measure from the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative.  

Home Energy Assessments

Home with Blueprints

The grant covers the cost of home energy assessments, which are essential for identifying the most effective and efficient retrofit improvements for your home. A qualified energy advisor will assess your home’s energy performance, identifying areas where improvements can be made to enhance energy efficiency. The information provided in the energy assessment report is crucial for planning and implementing the retrofit projects eligible for the grant.  

Apply For The Canada Greener Homes Grant Today!

The Canada Greener Homes Grant offers homeowners a significant opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills through a variety of retrofit improvements. By covering insulation upgrades, air sealing measures, heating system upgrades, solar panel installations, solar thermal systems, and home energy assessments, the grant empowers homeowners to make meaningful changes to improve their home’s energy efficiency.  

House with Energy Saving Icons

Before applying, it’s important to carefully review the eligibility criteria and ensure that your desired retrofit projects align with the guidelines outlined by the Government of Canada. Provincial Smart Home Services’ expert energy advisors can help you through every step of the Canada Greener Homes Grant process, making sure that the experience is as seamless as possible. Contact us and start your sustainability journey today!

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