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What is an In-Home Energy Audit?

An in-home energy audit is your first step towards a more efficient home. It's a comprehensive assessment of your home's energy usage and potential areas for improvement. Our certified energy auditors will inspect, evaluate, and analyze your entire home to identify ways to save energy and money. This audit is a personalized roadmap to enhance your home's efficiency, sustainability, and comfort.

Why Should You Get an Energy Audit?

Claim $10,000 in Rebates

Uncover energy-efficient incentives.

Lower Energy Bill

Prioritize upgrades with an energy audit for long-term savings.

Enhance Home Comfort

Consistent temps and better indoor air quality.

Contribute to a Greener Planet

Reduce energy consumption for a greener planet.

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Our experts will recommend the best heat pump solution tailored to your home.

3. Maximize Savings

Our experts will assist you throughout the process of until you have not received your rebates.

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Liaqat Khan
Liaqat Khan
August 19, 2022.
Mohamed was absolutely great! He came got his guys to work on the attic while did our whole smart set up, he explained and showed us exactly how to use it all. Thabk you for such great service we are very glad we got you to do it for us!
Kanika Choudhry
Kanika Choudhry
August 19, 2022.
Drew and Caezar were amazing and did their job for installing our furnace, hepa filter, tankless water heater, thermostat everything very very professionally. Amazing team!!! Thank you guys.
Fabio D'Agostino
Fabio D'Agostino
August 17, 2022.
There were a few snags with communication with the salesperson right off the bat. However, Omar, one of the directors, was super cooperative about getting things taken care of. He put me in contact with Shae, a customer service rep. She went above and beyond her duties. Shae would contact me by any means - phone calls, texts, and emails. When things got a little discombobulated, she would call me after her work hours. She used her personal time to make sure things were on track. Shae is super patient and accommodating. Thanks Shae!
Melany Santos
Melany Santos
August 17, 2022.
Dealing with PSH has been a breeze. Right from gent who arrived at my house to Maria who works hard to satisfy customers behind the scenes. Overall great experience!
Paul and Kathy Beaudette
Paul and Kathy Beaudette
August 14, 2022.
Install hepa air cleaning system, insulated the attic, install a thankless hot water system. I have a smart thermostat, to be installed. All work was done was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, People doing the work were very courteous and professional. I had a slight problem with getting the audit done, but the manager of Provincial Smart Home resolved the issue. PSH were also very courteous and professional. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Carl Doplaga
Carl Doplaga
August 12, 2022.
Just had a Tankless, hepa filter and a.c installed. Been in the electrical industry for 40 years and never come across two more professional installers in my whole career. Drew and ceasar were exceptional 👌. 15 stars!!!!
Kimberly Chambers
Kimberly Chambers
August 8, 2022.
The items were put in that I purchased the next day and then two days later they came back to finish everything was cleaned up very professional showed me how to run everything shay in customer service is very good she follow through every email and contact me very quickly Javid the sales rep was very nice followed through with every of phone call I did not have to wait I’m very pleased
Gurpreet S
Gurpreet S
August 5, 2022.
Shae is amazing!
Susan Templar
Susan Templar
August 4, 2022.
Moe Has installed a tankless water heater and camera doorbell for us. He was very knowledgeable and professional. Nothing was too much trouble for him
Tammy Campbell
Tammy Campbell
August 4, 2022.
I also had Attic Insulation and Air sealing, Tank less water heater, HEPA, and Nest thermostat. I am a person who looks to reviews. So from the beginning to now, Provincial Smart Home has taken care of me and handled EVERYTHING!! Within 2 days the jobs were complete, no mess, no hassle and great installers. This is the first time, I have ever dealt with a company that has been informative, professional, friendly, well organized, with no stressing on my part. I am a mother of 3, they had made this process so smooth. The new appliances are energy efficient which is great for my children and my home, especially helps with my wallet. I am happy to have switched, I couldn't express to you anymore how pleased I have been. Since the beginning, with Sam the gentleman who had come to do the initial sales visit. Victor who did the installations, and Shae who answered my questions with quick response's and actions!! Check them out, Provincial Smart Home!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an energy audit, and why do I need one?

An energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of your home's energy efficiency. It's important because it helps you identify areas where you can save on energy costs, improve home comfort, and become more environmentally friendly.

How much does an energy audit cost?

The energy audit we offer is completely free. There are no upfront costs to you.

How can I claim up to $10,000 in rebates?

Our energy audit service will help you identify available rebates and incentives in your area and guide you through the process of applying for and claiming them.

What types of improvements are typically recommended in the audit report?

The recommended improvements can vary, but they often include upgrading insulation, sealing air leaks, optimizing HVAC systems, and replacing inefficient appliances or lighting with energy-efficient alternatives.

How long does the energy audit process take?

The energy audit itself typically takes a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of your home. After that, the time required for implementing the recommended improvements can vary.

Will I need to hire contractors for the upgrades, and do you provide recommendations?

Yes, you'll need to hire contractors or service providers for the upgrades. We can provide recommendations for trusted professionals to ensure the work is done correctly.

Is this available in my area?

Our energy audit and rebate assistance services are available in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and more. Contact us to confirm availability in your location. 

Can I trust your service? Do you have any customer testimonials?

We take pride in our work and the satisfaction of our customers. You can read testimonials from homeowners who have already benefited from our services on our website. Their experiences will give you confidence in our expertise and commitment to your energy-saving goals. 

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